Strong detergent

- Buffered acid cleaner for radical action. It does not corrode aluminum and chrome. Suitable for deep cleaning of photovoltaic panels.

- Photovoltaic Strong eliminates the layer of dirt caused by atmospheric agents, arriving in depth and eliminating the dirt even in the nano imperfections.



Product nanotechnology

- Emulsion for photovoltaic and solar panels, significantly improves performance by up to 20%.

- Photovoltaic Solar creates a barrier transparent, non-reflective and invisible on the glass surface, makes the photovoltaic panel repellent to water, dust, pollen, droppings and other contaminants.

- Reduces the need for frequent cleaning of the photovoltaic panel.

- Photovoltaic Solar is applied after a pre-wash to be carried out with the Photovoltaic Multi.



All purpose cleaner

- Multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser free of substances containing mineral oils and ammonia.

- Suitable for the preliminary washing of photovoltaic panels, non-corrosive for cleaning and removal of grease, oil and weather.